The Youtube Review

The Blog has been facing an identity crisis of late. However, I finally found an area where I want to really develop further.

I am working to develop this website into a hub that will treat Internet content creators, specifically those who conduct business on social platforms such as, and primarily focused on YouTube.

The goal? To offer an independent, journalistic approach to covering the world of YouTube content. There are magazines, blogs, and TV shows dedicated to writing reviews, doing behind the scenes, and sneak peaks into the world of Hollywood produced content, Broadway produced content, and even locally produced radio shows get media coverage. I want to turn this site into that, but for YouTube, and other internet based mediums. The reason is simple. I have worked in the entertainment industry my entire life. Sure there are plenty of blogs and podcasts that do provide some coverage of specific youtubers, but they often do so from the perspective of Youtubers themselves sharing their content or insights on the platform. I want this to be the next step in the digital media revolution. This site will transform into a dedicated platform whose existence will be to bring the same level of legitimacy and respect to digital content that other, more traditional forms of media enjoy.

Everyone knows a super popular video that goes viral will get media coverage, even national coverage at times. Those videos, however, are a flash in the pan. They are fluff pieces usually seen as oddities. I work in the print media business so I know how this usually goes. I want to start to change that. Sure there are podcasts that cover Youtubers and plenty of websites, especially gaming, that do write about Youtubers specifically gamers, but those are usually run by insiders, people in the community. I am trying to establish a more independent, journalistic site that will provide in-depth coverage, behind the scenes, interviews, sneak peaks, reviews, and all the normal types of coverage one expects from a Hollywood or TV production. In other words, I want to establish a platform that can grow really push the legitimacy of the YouTube platform by treating it the same as those other platforms.

I am not going to just cover YouTube content, but as Hollywood is the central focus of the Film industry, YouTube is the Hollywood of the internet landscape so that is where I will start, where the focus will be for the time being. Hopefully, as this site grows we can spin off to maybe provide coverage for the “indie” scene and branch out to the smaller platforms. What is great about YouTube is it’s not just the future of digital media, it’s the future of all media and I want to get in on that.

If you happen to be a YouTube content creator and have insights into the world of content development, want to grow your audience, or just think you agree with my vision and would like to contribute in some way to ensure the world offers you, the directors, producers and editors of content the same level of respect the afford traditional Hollywood filmmakers, then please feel free to reach out to us.