The Dark Web Podcast

Thanks for taking a moment to learn more about The Dark Web Podcast. This page contains information for potential and current sponsors.

The Dark Web Podcast and The Dark Web Daily Show are two shows produced by the creative force behind The Spiders Lair.

The Dark Web Podcast is an unscripted, uncensored anything goes rant filled podcast with topics centered mostly on science and technology, science fiction, computers and video games, comic books, role playing games, trading card games and anything that would appeal to the stereotypical basement dweller. It is a dark, raw and unfiltered look at the world through the eyes of a journalist with experience in radio, print, digital and broadcast TV media.

Episodes record on weekends and typically upload by Sunday evening.

The Dark Web Daily Show is a 1 hour, 5 days a week news/talk show with topics centered on entertainment and technology. Unlike the Podcast, the Daily Show is FCC compliant and family-friendly. The show is broken into three segments. The first is an introduction with a little light-hearted look at the life of the producer and host. Then it moves into memories. This segment picks one CD, one movie and one video game to discuss and share personal memories. The third and often longest segment is headlines. In this segment the commentator reads headlines, mostly with a science, technology and entertainment focus ranging from movie, video games, TV shows, sports,  comics, and more.

Episodes of The Dark Web Podcast average around 75 listeners while episodes of The Daily Show average around 50 listeners. The audience is small now but growing each week. The Dark Web Podcast frequently features prominent guests in the news media, music production, Television production, YouTubers and entertainment communities.

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