Yo! The Spiders Lair introduces B-Boy Week fools!

It’s B-Boy Week on The Spiders Lair, Where Chaos Resides.

This week THE RAT is talking all about different B-boy related, hip-hop elements. Specifically I tackle the conundrum of which is more fulfilling b-boy expression break dancing and pop locking or rapping and DJ’ing?

On Five for Five I talk about the five B boy tracks I like breaking to and the five I am tired of hearing.

There isn’t a What’s Streaming this week so I apologize for that, just no time and nothing worth mentioning, especially thematically.


What does it mean to be a B-Boy? Well simply put the term means break dancer. It also means someone who is an active member of the hip-hop community. In a general sense when using the term bboy or b-boy the meaning refers to the entirely of hip-hop culture not just dancing.

I grew up in the hip-hop community as a big fan of the culture. I wrote rap lyrics and recorded rap tracks. I was a DJ and turntablist who produced tracks for myself and others. I was also an avid breaker and pop locker. I preferred popping and locking to getting down on the ground, but I could bust out a worm 6-step then backspin combo if I was properly motivated.

What drew me into the hip-hop culture was plain and simple the people. As someone who was shunned quite often as being too much of a nerd, I wasn’t even that smart, I figured out the b-boys and b-girls didn’t seem to care. As a group they were largely all inclusive. Sure we were broken into crews or sets but the truth is we had a ton of mutual respect for each other, even our chief rivals.


It’s Supernatural Week at The Spiders Lair!

Hey friends of the internet, horror fans, religious folks and those with a superstitious bone, guess what today is? That’s right the official start of Supernatural Week on The Spiders Lair, Where Chaos Resides. This week all content will have a supernatural slant or focus.

Here is a brief examination of what you can look forward to. Before I begin let me preface this with a little background on The Spiders Lair and THE RAT, the man behind the myth.

Regardless of superstitious beliefs, religious affiliation or just a general appreciation for the art of the supernatural, The Spiders Lair has always had a strong interest in the supernatural, especially from a Judeo-Christian perspective with Gothic European interests. That being said, it’s been a contentious topics for people for centuries.

As always the week starts off with The Dark Web Podcast, typically released on Sunday. This week’s episode will focus on some revelations in the internet steaming world.

I have been raised primarily in a Christian home. We began going to church when I was 12 years old. At that time my dad had his conversion experience where he began the path of becoming a deacon, my mom was a Sunday school teacher.

Before that time, I dabbled in what could be called Wicca by some, paganism by others, Occultic or Satanic witchcraft by others. The truth is, I had a fascination with the occult; magic, ghosts, vampires and the like from a very early age. There was a time I was drawn to Dungeons and Dragons as a result of that fascination. I have since learned the appreciate the medieval influence on much of modern mythology, popular culture and entertainment. As such, I continue to find films with a spiritual focus, especially those with imagery and ties to the Christian faith, be it Catholic, Orthodox or Protestant. I try to keep my own views intact while accepting what is presented in said films or works of art.

Some of my favorite books with a supernatural slant include A Doll in the Garden, Pet Semetary, The Amityville Horror and The Grimm Fairy Tales. I have always been interested in any story with a fantasy element to it.

Some of my favorite movies of all time, regardless of genre, feature supernatural elements. My top five favorite movies of all time, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Gremlins and Back to the Future, four of the five have a largely supernatural component. Technically speaking Gremlins is more ambiguous on the origin of the goblins running amok, however there is no scientific explanation for why eating arbitrarily after midnight would transform the cute, fury little critters into viscous monster of mischief and malice.

There are plenty of supernatural videos coming this week on The Spiders Lair.

First up, as always, is Five for Five. Part one will be Five non-horror supernatural movies I like with part two being the five I dislike.

Later in the week on This or That I will be comparing two Supernatural franchises to determine which is superior. That will be Gremlins versus Ghostbusters.

Near the end of the week I will upload my What’s Streaming video where I mention a host of videos I watched this past week or videos I recommend based on what’s playing on the streaming services, namely YouTube and a few others.

At the end of the week I will upload my weekly vlog where I talk about about current news on the channel, the blog, podcast or headlines.

The channel is growing so I want to try to remember to keep the momentum going with updates once a week here on the blog where I can keep everything organized. Be sure to check out the channel by going to YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiXfhrcvFENPqY6wQSKkoMw

Find The Dark Web Podcast by going to http://www.thespiderslair.podbean.com