Putting the Dark in the Dark Web Podcast

I am adding a new dark stories segment as part of The Dark Web Podcast starting this week. My intention is to take my favorite happy, upbeat sitcoms, kids shows, videos games, etc., and turn them inside out. The premise is simple. I will take a look at a favorite story from my childhood and find the dark side hidden beneath the surface. What that entails will vary from episode to episode. I am thinking something like what if Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World was secretly a serial killer or pervert? What if Saved by the Bell was really a hallucination and Zach Morris was really on drugs the whole time?

I am going to keep it playful and fun but at the same time open myself up to contemplating how dark could some of the eccentric characters really be in all of these. I am planning to go really dark here, the likes of which I have not dabbled on my show yet. I am mostly attracting an audience that finds these things more appealing and since my twisted mind often contemplates the sicker things in life I figured it was high time I pulled back the curtain to unveil the inner psychopath which has been running the show this entire time.

When I sat out to do this podcast my intention was to keep it dark. I wanted it to fit in with the tone of the website. I have strayed at times but not any more.

Here is a sampling of what is to come. Freddy Krueger is one of my heroes. I am going to to be presenting a case as to why he is a tragic figure and not the monster he has been made out to be. I am going to, within the context of the show, look into the soul of the man behind the demon to determine where the line between humanity and monster was crossed, if it was.

My hope is to provide a more entertaining portion of the podcast that will open people up to contemplating darker things. Maybe get people seeing the world in a different perspective. I would not consider myself goth by any stretch but I am certainly drawn to death. I work for a newspaper, death is a part of my daily routine in some respects.

Life is not always drawn in categories of black and white. Sometimes things that are perceived as black might really be the good while things thought of as good might be the true evil.

I am not preparing to do this lightly. I am truly expecting to put some thought into these topics. I don’t expect I will have, nor take, the time to devote to researching much. My intention is to make it a more entertaining segment with a dark focus. Consider it a contemplative analysis of TV shows. It might be better to define it as an attempt to ask questions people might not think to ask. I am not sure if it will gain much traction. I am hoping if I do it well there would be an audience. If not, or if I lose interest, well that’s often how it goes. It’s hard to produce a show with so little feedback from the audience.

I am not sure how dark I intend to go but I am going to dig into this Mr. Feeny scumbag for the first segment at the very least.

It’s another Valentine’s Day

Every year this holiday arrives when I am in the busiest part of my life. I don’t always have time to sit back and enjoy or even take time to find someone to spend it with. More often than not I ignore it and go on with my life. This year I am trying something different. Even though I am perfectly content being single and enjoying my life as it currently is, I am going to get a little into the spirit and do something special for the day. I am planning on recording a very special episode of my podcast, The Dark Web Podcast, centered exclusively on the holiday.

I am planning on sharing some personal memories, mostly the positive ones, along with my favorite romantic themed movies, songs, and other related topics. I am not expecting it to be the most fun episode but I am planning on giving it my best.

My only other plans for the day include working and finding the time to maybe say hi to some friends on social media I hope will appreciate the sentiment. Other than that this is it for me. I am contemplating watching some Girl Meets World on Netflix, maybe they will have a Valentine’s Day themed episode I can browse.

I don’t actually celebrate the holiday. Not for religious reasons as I am new to the Catholic faith and not fully vested in it yet. I am also not into the secular implications of the day, it is mostly another day to buy gifts for your sweetheart, which I am currently lacking. I don’t let it depress me or bother me, I save all those feelings for my birthday or the day after Thanksgiving when my heartburn damn near debilitates me.

The only reason I am giving it a small shot this year is because I am trying to push past some of my previous negative feelings towards the social events i often neglect or avoid. The best part of this, for me, is the personal growth. I am struggling with becoming a better person. The idea is for me to find ways to be more fulfilled in life. At the very least I want to be more approachable if not completely more sociable. I consider it a small step in the right direction. As such I will put this out there, hopefully everyone will have a Happy Valentine’s Day this year. Stay cool.