Boobies and Noobies podcast impressions

Alright just like the Frigay the 13th show I held off on talking about this one for several reasons. I wasn’t sure how to tread into this without it looking, creepy. Listening to this podcast made me feel like being an 11 year old listening in through a hidden microphone to his sister’s friends during one of their sleep overs. Not that I ever did that but you know stuff you see on TV (Goldbergs) but whatever I checked it out so here we go.

The show’s premise is simple enough, it’s a group of people talking about romance novels. The hosts are clearly having a good time in the episodes and it sounds like they know the topic they are interested in.

I didn’t spend a lot of time listening intently to each episode for this review. I have been a follower of the show on Twitter for a while now but was too afraid to peak in to this world. As someone who did, on rare occasions “borrow” romance novels without asking out of curiosity I can say the hosts here have a much better grasp of the subject than I. My interest was more out of curiosity than anything. Of course my desire to be more feminine clearly intrigued me which is why I do highly recommend this show if you are interested in getting a closer look into the insights of women who do read romance novels.

Truth be told I am likely to go back and give this a much deeper shot in the near future but for now I just wanted to pop in and see what it was all about. I don’t think it is going to appeal to everyone. My own curiosity will not match most people. I don’t know who I should recommend this to, to be honest. I want to say trans women who are interested in learning more about how to explore femininity might be interested as an educational tool, or even peer bonding if you want to discuss these topics with other women, trans or otherwise.

I suppose the core audiences is likely women and possibly men who enjoy reading these types of novels. I can say I’ve dabbled but never really spent much time beyond that. I would say the hosts are having fun with the show so that is a bonus. I didn’t hear anything that made me say nope this is trash. It was a group of people with a mission and it sounds like the show has a pretty solid focus. It kind of reminds me of that Hanna Montana song Fly on the Wall. I would rate it as entertaining with a clear focus and a fairly specific audience range. Production values are strong, the hosts are into the material and clearly having fun doing the show. That all the way around should make it entertaining for someone who is into the subject matter, in this case romance novels apparently.

Less mature male listeners will likely be drawn to the name of the show if nothing else.

Frigay the 13th Podcast thoughts

I have been saying for a while now I was going to begin reviewing podcasts. I wanted to wait until I was comfortable talking about my personal stuff I was hiding before I did so because I knew if I wrote an honest review of this particular podcast before my reveal it was not going to be all that honest. I was trying to pick shows I have heard more than one episode before I reviewed them. Since that is not the case here consider this more of a general musings than a proper review.

Here goes. The premise of the show is you have two guys that are both openly gay and horror fans. The show appealed to me because talks about horror movies which I am a fan. The thing is they do more than just review horror movies from an LGBT perspective, they tie it into an aspect of real life horror tales, in an attempt to analyze the real world horror through the lens of the art. It’s an interesting concept.

I only listened to the most recent episode so I don’t have a lot to go on. Basically what they did was discuss two topics involving horrible people from society. They did an old Hollywood segment and a new Hollywood segment. They talked about recent controversies surrounding Kevin Spacey and Brian Singer. They then dove into a discussion on two films they tied into the topic.

It was an interesting show. Based exclusively on the name of the show combined with their social media posts the show was nothing like I was expecting. While I would have been fine with two gay guys talking about horror movies and doing voices, having fun or doing a lighter show, I was very impressed with the maturity of which they handled their subject matter. It was a decidedly darker show than I expected. As someone who lived through the horror of being bullied for being different, let’s be honest I wasn’t as good at hiding who I was as I thought, I can say it was a relief to be able to listen to relatable stories that reminded me of the things I had to go through. Fortunately my story isn’t entirely as dark as some of the topics discussed but it was relatable nonetheless.

The hosts are very familiar with the topics. They are clearly fans of not just cinema but the Hollywood lifestyle as well. This does allow them to offer a pretty deep looking into the darkness they covered. As someone who calls their website The Spiders Lair, I can appreciate taking a stroll into the darker side of humanity.

I would highly recommend the show for anyone who is a fan of cinema, especially classic cinema and horror movies in general. The show does have a gay slant, as the title implies, but don’t let this turn you off, they are able to talk about these topics in a manner I believe was respectful and insightful. They do speak opinion on the show so fair warning. Also there is profanity.

I would need to listen to more episodes to give it a true and proper rating but for now I enjoyed what I heard enough to subscribe. My intention is to go back and check out some of their earlier shows in due time. The episodes were reasonable length too. I have a hard time with 3+ hour long podcasts, which there are many, but a sub 90 minute show is manageable for me.

Be sure to check them out and as always, Stay cool.

A look back at Daria, an MTV animated hit from the 90s.

I remember it like it was yesterday. The year was 1996. In fact it was the summer of 1996. We had just moved across the country from Hastings, Nebraska to Twin Falls, Idaho. My family was living in an RV park while my parents looked for work and settled into an apartment for us to move into.

My sisters and I were making the most of living in an RV park. We spent most of our day wandering around the video arcade pumping as many quarters as we could get our hands on into different arcade machines. Between that we would play card games to pass the time. Since it was summer school was out. We didn’t have much money so we had to rely on keeping our developing minds occupied as much as possible. This included watching a lot of MTV. Fortunately my sister and I were close in age we both enjoyed MTV equally. Sure we disagreed over the music we enjoyed, she was more into country and pop I was more into alternative and hip-hop.

One day we turned on the TV and there was this cartoon airing on MTV. It was a new show we hadn’t seen before. Neither my sister or myself were that much into cartoons so we were tempted to change the channel. It was an episode with a girl going on a road trip in this run down rock n roll van on their way to something called “Alternapalooza.” Our older sister told us about her ‘palooza she went to recently so it was enough to capture our curiosity at the very least. There was that and my own fascination with alternative music as obviously a teen of the 90s would be.

There was something about this glasses-wearing outcast, dubbed a “brain” by the popular kids on the show that appealed to both of us. In the end we quickly became hooked. My sister enjoyed it as she had a lot of similarities to the two main characters, Daria and her best friend Jane. I enjoyed it for similar reasons while I also, admittedly looked up to Jane’s brother Trent. As stereotypical outcasts ourselves the show not only appealed to us as it gave a voice to the frustrations we were experiencing, but it also gave us ideas how to cope with it.

As the remainder of our own tumultuous youth progressed so did our interest in this satirical outlook of our own youth culture. It was an entertaining yet eye-opening experience. It wasn’t until recently that I watched the show with someone who had been one of the popular jocks who told me the show was very demeaning to athletes. I explained to him that was the point. It’s been a challenge getting people who were at the top of the social ladder to look back and see how their actions adversely affected those of us who were on lower rungs.

I watched the entire series recently as I was given the DVD set as a Christmas present. It started with a casual viewing of season 1 with my sisters kids. By the time I got through the first season I was flooded with a wave of nostalgia and other memories taking me back to my own difficult teenage years. It was a great opportunity to remember not only my own struggle, and subsequent survival of adolescence, it was also great to rewatch my beloved Daria Morgandorfer go through life. As the show progressed I was very glad to enjoy seeing her develop as a person. She went from being a loner with no friends to building a tight relationship with her soon-to-be best friend for life Jane Lane. By the end of the show she had expanded her social circle, overcome her social anxiety and developed her own sense of self esteem and self worth, circling back to the very first episode which centered on her entire lack of self esteem.

How a show ends can be as important as the ups and downs of the show’s run. A good ending can be impactful on the viewer while an underwhelming ending could leave the viewer resentful of the show creators.

This is one of those rare instances where I can say I never felt like the show was dragging on. It felt like it ended exactly when it was supposed to. Needless to say that finale episode filled my heart with a wide range of emotions, more so now 15 years later than it did that first time I viewed. Being slightly removed from the decade, and adolescence I was experiencing throughout, has given me some perspective on the show.

As I sit here at a desk working what is essentially my dream job I have this show to thank for the way it not only inspired me to keep trying, but also how it gave me a way to cope with the stuff I was seeing going on around me. I was one of those outcasts who viewed this show as a faithful follower because it felt good rooting for Daria even though the world kept kicking mud in her face, somehow she always shrugged it off.

As I watched the show I made a few observations. First, it was thoroughly satisfying seeing Daria overcome her social outcast status and become a regular kid, more or less. She made friends along the way and even her peers who initially looked down on her eventually began to afford her the respect she earned. I also noticed the Trent character was a lot deeper than I remembered. He often had some great insights that caught Daria off guard. Then the was the annoyance of the voice actors. In the show’s original run I knew it was small budget and likely recycled voice actors. However I was lying in bed falling asleep while the show played on. During my attempt to nap I noticed a whole scene played out where as I wasn’t looking at the TV it sounded like one person talking to himself despite three different characters being in the scene. There were subtle differences but it was far more noticable than when watching the show. I chalked this up to their voices not being that different thus the visual aid contributed to the ruse. It was especially noticeable that Quinn and her mother shared a voice actor because when I closed my eyes or looked away it became harder to decipher which character was doing the talking.

I was reminded of a lot of things I had put aside. For one, I got to the episode where Jane dates a guy stuck in the 40’s. As my sister was one who had a fondness for I Love Lucy and dressing like an old person I could related. As the episode progressed he kept referencing a khaki commercial. It suddenly dawned on me towards the end of the episode what he was referring to. It was, I believe, a Gap or Old Navy commercial that played for a period in the 90s. It was one of those things that, at the time, stood out and influenced our youth culture albeit briefly. Yet as I look back I realized it wasn’t the type of thing that stuck with me as I had completely forgotten it until that moment.

There was also the memories of the shopping mall, which was a place I spent more than my share of my teen years. I also had some fuzzy memories of the retro PC and internet culture that was casually referenced on occasion. The rising internet culture was often alluded to but never fully explored. If only the show runners knew their bleak outlook of the future would be somewhat accurate.

Then there was the episode where Daria writes a short story. Even when I was a teenager watching the show I felt a stirring about how surreal it was predicting a very possible future that was based on her realistic expectations.

By the end of the show I was impressed with the number of relationships Daria ended up fostering. It ended up being far more than I had remembered. Not just friends or casual acquaintances but there was also the bond she ultimately formed that blossomed into a sisterly lover for Quinn. It was subtle but very obvious by the end of the series the two sisters were indeed going to be there for each other till the end of time. I have since formed a fairly tight bond with the sister I spent much of my youth watching the show with.

Overall it’s been a very good experience taking a stroll down memory lane. I often get nostalgic for things like Roseanne or Home Improvement while I overlook Daria most of the time. While I can get the warm fuzzy feeling of nostalgia watching some Boy Meets World, Daria always grounds me back in reality. The decade wasn’t all that bad. Now if only can I could get that theme tune out of my head. La, la, la, la, la.

Celebrating a milestone

This year is going to be a big year for me. This Friday, just a few short days away, I will be making the last payment on my home. I will be a home owner for the first time in my life. Oh sure we could get into the specifics of it being just an RV but I will have my own piece of land to park it on with a yard and it will be mine. A nice little place to call my own.

One thing I always wanted to do at some point in my life was to host my own barbecue at my house. This fourth of July I am making preliminary plans to make that a reality. I suppose it won’t be a very big deal, just a couple of people over for hamburgers and potato chips most likely. But it will be the first time I have the option to be the host for this type of thing.

It’s nothing too major but this will probably be my first chance. Of course I am hoping that finally owning my own home and having a yard will give me plenty of these types of opportunities in the future. Still, it’s a major milestone for me and something I can cross off my list of things to do before I die.

Watching X-Men Dark Phoenix.

The day has finally arrived. When I was 12 years old I remember watching The Dark Phoenix Saga as part of the popular Fox Kids X-Men animated series that was popular in the 90s.

Even before I watched my first episode of the show I was familiar with the characters.

I started out collecting Fleer Ultra and Topps trading cards. Marvel Girl was immediately my favorite character. Once I witnessed the gut-wrenching descent of her character into destruction, she further solidified her place in my pantheon of superheroes.

I was so fascinated by this character, and of course her lover Scott, I was giddy when the wedding issue came out. It was such a fantastic special everyone in my family bought their own copy.

In 2006 I was mesmerized by the conclusion to the original X-Men film franchise. Sure, I was disappointed in the films depiction of my beloved character, yet as a fan of Jean more so than the Wolverine, well I can say the movie still captured my heart and brought a flood of human emotions to the forefront of my being. As much as it gets a bad rep, I still went back to see it two more times.

It would be an understatement to say I am beyond hyped for this film. That is all show is about to start, check the podcast for unfiltered thoughts.

Putting the Dark in the Dark Web Podcast

I am adding a new dark stories segment as part of The Dark Web Podcast starting this week. My intention is to take my favorite happy, upbeat sitcoms, kids shows, videos games, etc., and turn them inside out. The premise is simple. I will take a look at a favorite story from my childhood and find the dark side hidden beneath the surface. What that entails will vary from episode to episode. I am thinking something like what if Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World was secretly a serial killer or pervert? What if Saved by the Bell was really a hallucination and Zach Morris was really on drugs the whole time?

I am going to keep it playful and fun but at the same time open myself up to contemplating how dark could some of the eccentric characters really be in all of these. I am planning to go really dark here, the likes of which I have not dabbled on my show yet. I am mostly attracting an audience that finds these things more appealing and since my twisted mind often contemplates the sicker things in life I figured it was high time I pulled back the curtain to unveil the inner psychopath which has been running the show this entire time.

When I sat out to do this podcast my intention was to keep it dark. I wanted it to fit in with the tone of the website. I have strayed at times but not any more.

Here is a sampling of what is to come. Freddy Krueger is one of my heroes. I am going to to be presenting a case as to why he is a tragic figure and not the monster he has been made out to be. I am going to, within the context of the show, look into the soul of the man behind the demon to determine where the line between humanity and monster was crossed, if it was.

My hope is to provide a more entertaining portion of the podcast that will open people up to contemplating darker things. Maybe get people seeing the world in a different perspective. I would not consider myself goth by any stretch but I am certainly drawn to death. I work for a newspaper, death is a part of my daily routine in some respects.

Life is not always drawn in categories of black and white. Sometimes things that are perceived as black might really be the good while things thought of as good might be the true evil.

I am not preparing to do this lightly. I am truly expecting to put some thought into these topics. I don’t expect I will have, nor take, the time to devote to researching much. My intention is to make it a more entertaining segment with a dark focus. Consider it a contemplative analysis of TV shows. It might be better to define it as an attempt to ask questions people might not think to ask. I am not sure if it will gain much traction. I am hoping if I do it well there would be an audience. If not, or if I lose interest, well that’s often how it goes. It’s hard to produce a show with so little feedback from the audience.

I am not sure how dark I intend to go but I am going to dig into this Mr. Feeny scumbag for the first segment at the very least.