Stephanie is out, new format to show comng, Retro Nintendo topic and more!

The show is a little short. I recorded it with the expectation I would have a guest. Due to an error on my part we didn’t schedule the interview as planned. In the interest of keeping the show going here is the condensed episode. It cuts off abruptly as I was expecting to finish it later.


The new format going forward is going to be shorter, around 60-90 minutes in length. There will be far less, if any, swearing and since I am outing myself in the process a lot of the fear and anger I was holding onto is gone so the show is changing to fit my new more open life decisions.

The topics this week include a brief look back at some stuff I talked about recently. I talked about my self discovery at an early age and how I held onto fear and anger as I hid who I was from the world.

I talked about Supergirl on Netflix. Might be getting into that show maybe. I had a retro Nintendo topic where I tried to decide if a Nintendo only gamer or a NO Nintedo at all gamer would have the upper hand. There was other stuff planned but it go cut short. Anyways thanks for listening and stay cool.


Out but not down. Or down but not out? You decide. Stay cool.

47 Sharks below the cave: River City Girls: Winter Soldier revisted and more

Welcome to another exciting episode of The Dark Web Podcast here at The Spiders Lair, Where Chaos Resides. In this episode the topics include two upcoming horror movies, one about sharks the other something else. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is revisted. Also, River City Girls, a sequel of sorts to a cult NES favorite is also a topic. There is more inside so be sure to check it out! Transformers, Hot Wheels and maybe Lego get a nod. 

Snoochie Boochies reboot! Once upon Hollywood, Nintendo woes, and more rock band controversy

I declared the greatest rock band of the 80s and the same for the 90s. I’ve revisited this topic before. I’m getting closer to making my declaration absolutely final.

Jay and Silent Bob are making another Blunt Man and Chronic movie. I am super excited to see this trash. 

The dude who makes popular trash, such as Pulp Fiction and From Dusk Till Dawn is making a new movie I might be interested in.

Nintendo did something kinda noteworthy and I talked about it briefly. In a respectable tone this time.

I revised my stance on classic console generations. I am still stuck on one thing.

Nicole is sitting pretty on Big Brother. She just had a shitty week turned great with a nice backdoor turned blindside. 

I also asked a question about books and stuff.

Spider Man is far from home, Madden NFL Nintendo Switch, Live Action Family Guy movie? More!

Hello nerds, freaks and geeks it’s time for THERAT to take you into The Spiders Lair, Where Chaos Resides for another exciting episode of The Dark Web Podcast! You read that title correctly this episode I discuss my thoughts on what a live action Family Guy movie should look like. 

The other topics include Madden on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo nerd ranting. What about that Spider-Man movie? Did I like it or not? I guess you will have to listen to this episode. 

I also share my Pokemon blues. All this and more. Enjoy. Stay Cool.

Dark Phoenix revisited, X-Men MCU thoughts, more modern retro stuff, Ghostbusters overrated? And more.

With all the talk about the movie I decided to revisit my thoughts on Dark Phoenix. Don’t worry I didn’t flip flop too much.

Is Ghostbusters, the 80’s comedy classic, over exposed? Or worse yet, over rated?!

I shared my updated thoughts on what the X-Men joining the MCU should look like. Spoiler alert, I suggest recasting a certain Avenger who is no longer an Avenger to play one of the original team members who wears glasses and loves my favorite red headed X-Man. Here is a hint, he’s been recast before. 

More modern retro stuff, this time I also talk about TG16. 

Remembering the X-Band modem from the 90s that connected Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis consoles to the internet. Oh and how it could very well be making a comeback? Cool or nerdy? 

I also compared Super Castlevania 4 to Symphony of the Night but not the games on their own merit, but on which one more desperately needs a proper HD remaster? During the discussion I bring up some other games that need an HD remaster that won’t get it.

There might even be a few surprises so be sure to check out the entire episode. And as always, Stay Cool.