King of Monsters, GIANT retro arcade games, Inpractical Jokers and Snoop vs Dre?

I got to see Godzilla in theaters opening night. I also watched an old school, retro science fiction movie that is highly acclaimed that I never seen before.

I compared Dr. Dre’s two most iconic albums to Snoop’s two most iconic albums to see which was better. I make controversial claims.


I also talked some trash on Mr. Fat Boy Slim. Sorta.


Toy topic is Happy Meal memories! Enjoy and Stay Cool.

Avengers Endgame, Mother’s Day and Hollywood Video!
in this episode I remember Hollywood Video vs. Blockbuster Video talk about DVD collecting. I give my thoughts on Avengers endgame I don’t hold back and I went a little long. I talked about Mother’s Day and as a result I reference the royal baby out of nowhere. there might be other stuff in there check it out stay cool.

s2e14- Good Will Hunting, star wars 9, electronic arts, magic the gathering and more!
and this episode I talked about the state of retro video game collecting. The changing landscape of used video game stores. I talked about DVD collecting. I mentioned the new Star Wars trailer and video game. I talked about the movie Good Will Hunting that I saw it recently. And I shared my magic the Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons memories a little bit more. I talked about Disney Plus getting some shows and why I’m not interested in stranger things 3