The Spiders Lair Podcast Episode 8

In this episode I talk about Disney pulling out of Netflix. Introduce my Youtube channel along with a few ideas for shows. I mentioned my thoughts on Tha Dogg Pound and their impact on the 90’s gangsta rap scene. I also talk about the Nintendo Switch as a hand held device and why I use it more as a home console than a portable system.

The Spiders Lair Podcast Episode 7

In this episode I discuss the Child’s Play/Chucky film series following a marathon viewing over the weekend. I take a look at comic book characters I personally discovered through playing a video game featuring that character while taking a look at the comic book games released for the Sega Genesis, Super NES and NES consoles. I talk about Big Brother in the framework of Game Theory and how it reminds me of the online forum game mafia/werewolf in some ways. All of this and more on the latest episode of The Spiders Lair podcast.

The Spiders Lair Podcast Episode 6

In this episode I talk about Star Wars Rogue One, the prequels and special editions, Nirvana and the 90’s grunge rock scene, the underappreciated film Ghost World, and some other stuff.


The Spiders Lair Podcast Episode 5

In this episode I discuss two movies I watched recently, Power Rangers and War of the Planet of the Apes. I talk about if I might get into record collecting. And I talk about why it’s a good idea to collect for the PS2 generation, and why I have determined that was, probably, the greatest generation in gaming.


*UPDATE*: Since I recorded this I did check out prices on Amazon for records and they were actually very reasonable so that one point I made is probably invalidated. I only remember looking at a few in the “Customers bought this also liked” section a few times and seeing outrageous prices for records.

The Spiders Lair Podcast Episode 4- D&D memories, movies getting turned into TV series, and more birthdays

In this episode I talk about some of my Dungeons and Dragons memories, as well as explain the difference between D&D and AD&D and share my favorite rule set. I also talk about horror movies that have been made into TV shows or that could work as a TV series. I also talk about Alice Cooper, Megadeth and Black Sabbath for the music segment.