The Dark Web Podcast Episode 17- Special Guest Sam Houston talks about his new promotion, The Rat rants on the NSA and Channel Awesome

This episode gets a little exciting. First up is a 30 minute interview with special guest world-famous professional wrestler Sam Houston. He talks about his time working with the WWF, his brother, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, and his new upcoming wrestling promotion, All Pro Wrestling League, based in Texas.

I skipped talking about Roseanne this week instead I get into Shameless again. I also decide to dig a little deeper into the Channel Awesome controversy. I know I brought it up before but with new revelations I felt I needed had more to say.

I also make a bold statement during my NSA rant how I would prefer if my listeners were’t Rush Limbuagh fans after I learned his thoughts on computer hacking. Sorry for getting almost political again but I had to tackle something he said on his show Friday that didn’t sit well with me. Full disclosure, I know he is one of the most popular broadcasters out there and I certainly hope I get some of his audience, hell I’d be happy with just the people who tune in for the intro and change the station, so no harsh feelings. Just he gets under my skin when he attacks computer hackers without knowing what the hell he is saying. Not just him, anyone for that matter.

I also spend some more time talking about the revelation Sega is contemplating porting Sega Saturn and Dreamcast games to the Nintendo Switch.

I also quip I might consider changing the name of the podcast to “this guy says F%&K a lot.”

The Dark Web Podcast Episode 16- Spent weekend watching 90s movies


The main topic this episode includes my thoughts on a bunch of 90’s movies I watched over the weekend. I recorded this on Sunday but due to moving from Texas to Idaho I wasn’t able to get it uploaded earlier.

I also ramble about the rising cost of DVD and Blu Ray movies.

The Dark Web podcast episode 14- PS5 and VR, talking to a 50+ year newspaper vet and talking Donald Trump!?

In this episode of The Dark Web podcast I revisit the Roseanne revival. I talk about Chasing Amy from the perspective of looking back at the 90’s. I go on my first big political rant about Donal Trump and the die-hard supporters while defening real jouranlists and revealing my political views.

I then get into a discussion about the upcoming Playstation 5 and the state of VR, virtual reality.

I end with an interview of Dan Eakin, a newspaper journalist with over 50 years of experience in the industry. He gives some of his highlights from his career as well as talks about how printing newspapers have changed over the decades.

The Dark Web Podcast Episode 11- Featuring Sam Houston

This is a very special episode featurin a special guest. Michael “Sam Houston” Smith, professional wrestler stopped by to talk about his latest projects including telling the story of his new song, “Salvation”, available on iTunes.

We talked about what video games Sam plays, he talks about his time in prison and how his faith got him through it. The episode also features our first sponsor, Yoga With Stacy. Stacy is a yoga instructor-in-training featuring a degree in anthropology and experience in bellydancing. She writes blog articles about her experiences with Yoga. Her blog is

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The Dark Web Podcast Episode 9- A Wrinkle in Time, Pita bread pizza tales and VIOLENT video games?

Oh hell no, did I just record a swear-filled emotional rant about violence in video games? Did I actually attack folks in the “mainstream media”? Well maybe I did or maybe I throw down a level headed discourse on the topic. I guess you will just have to listen to find out.

I do talk about A Wrinkle in Time. I compare it to other books I enjoyed from my youth. Highlights include Bridge to Terabithia, A Doll in the Garden, To Kill A Mockingbird and more. I also recall the steps that transpired to me taking the time to learn how to cook my first flatbread pita pizza.

I also talk a little bit about my friend Israel who has really inspired me recently.

The Dark Web Podcast episode 8- New Retro games, looking back at ESPN CD’s and more

In this week’s episode I spend a great deal of time talking about the “new retro” craze of video game development. I take a look at a bunch of games ranging from Elliot’s Quest on Wii U to stuff like AVGN Adventures, Retro City Rampage, Pier Solar, Super Win the Game, and more.I go over my views on the games and the movement as well as talk about what I like about them and what I dislike.

The music segment I take a look at my ESPN Jock Jams CD collection. I go over how I got into these CD’s in the first place. I go down the list of songs from each volume discussing which ones I enjoy and which songs I felt were out of place on these particular compilations.

I finish the episode talking about a Blu Ray I picked up recently that I ended up having more thoughts on than I originally figured. Enjoy and please like, subscribe share and don’t forget to check out the YouTube companion series, The Dark Web TV.