Special Friday the 13th Podcast

It’s Friday, October 13, 2017. Time for a special 1-hour Friday the 13th podcast. This episode is not part of the main series. I talk about two topics. The first 40 minutes roughly is devoted to superstitions, ghost theories, my disdain for the zombie apocalypse, and then the final 20 minutes I just run down the Friday the 13th film series giving my thoughts on each movie briefly.

The Spiders Lair Podcast Episode 16

In this episode I spend a good portion of time talking about Mortal Kombat, Tom Petty, and Nintendo roms disappearing from rom sites. I also give an update on an upcoming LIVE episode scheduled for Tuesday, October 31 that will be a very special HALLOWEEN episode, with guests.

The Spiders Lair Podcast Episode 15

In this episode I talk about remembering Atari and contemplating their upcoming Atari Box console. I consider the different 3rd party games coming to the Nintendo Switch. I compare different digital music streaming and download services including Amazon Prime, Pandora, iTunes, and Spotify. I end with a recommendation of a good horror/thriller worth checking out this October.

The Spiders Lair Episode 14

In this episode I talk about The Good Place, a TV show I recently watched on Netflix. I stir things up a little by taking a shot at the iconic Nintendo property, Legend of Zelda, and I give my first impressions of CBS All Access (Spoiler Alert, it sucks). I also briefly talk about the sequel to the movie I talked about last episode, The Matrix Reloaded. I didn’t have as much to say about the second part in the trilogy as I thought I would.

The Spiders Lair Episode 13

In this episode I talk about The Matrix, SNES Classic and return of the NES Classic, hypothetical N64 classic, reminiscing having cable and talking about Netflix Max (defunct app for the Playstation), and more. I kind of ramble on a little as I lost my train of thought midway through this one.

The Spiders Lair Podcast Episode 12

In this special episode I have a guest help me keep things going. My computer programmer friend from Idaho called into be on the show.

We talked about video games, PAX, Nintendo, Xbox, Sega, and a lot more.

The Spiders Lair Podcast Episode 11

Listen to episode 11 of The Spiders Lair Podcast. In this episode I talk about my thoughts on the differences between B-movies, blockbusters, popcorn flicks and a bunch of other movie topics. I also give my thoughts on two movies I watched recently, How to be a Latin Lover and Alien Covenant.

The Spiders Lair Podcast Episode 9

In this episode I talk about my interest in the new IT remake. I share some of my thoughts on remakes and reboots in general. I also talk about Gremlins 3, and briefly mention the passing of legendary comedian Jerry Lewis.

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The Spiders Lair Podcast Episode 8

In this episode I talk about Disney pulling out of Netflix. Introduce my Youtube channel along with a few ideas for shows. I mentioned my thoughts on Tha Dogg Pound and their impact on the 90’s gangsta rap scene. I also talk about the Nintendo Switch as a hand held device and why I use it more as a home console than a portable system.