ET returns! Build a figure bad? Dark Phoenix Saga not good?
and this episode I talked about Christmas shopping on Black Friday. I think about Black Christmas the movie that started or helped start the slasher genre. I talked about build a figure and why it could be bad but might be good for some. I talked about ET making a return? I take a look back at the Phoenix Saga dark Phoenix Saga from the 90’s animated X-Men Fox kids cartoon. and I break down a few underrated 80s retro comedies that you should check out.

Retro Witch talks introducing kids to horror entertainment

What’s up Bitches! In this episode of The Retro Witch Show your host shares her picks of the best animated and live action films to introduce a young child into the real of horror entertainment.

It’s never too young to begin teaching kids about the reality of death and the afterlife. Some parents want to throw their kids to the sharks and see if they swim. Others want to gradually introduce the innocent children in a slow path. If you are one of the latter parents this podcast is for you. 

Star Wars and YouTube discussion with guest Hibiki TMD! Also Cybertruck WTF? Baby Yoda thoughts, New Super Mario Land and more!

*SPOILER* The host of the show had some Bud Lights in him so may experience some stray thoughts you have been warned.

This is a PACKED episode you don’t want to miss!

Are you ready for an exciting episode of The Dark Web Podcast! I bet you are. Special Guest Hibiki TMD came all the way down from YouTube to chat with THERAT and they had a good conversation about COPPA, YouTube monetization, content creation and of course Star Wars!


Did you know the Netflix series Toys That Made Us helped inspire THERAT to get back into toy collecting? Obviously season 3 is discussed on this episode along with My Little Pony! 


Did you know you can get FREE TV with nothing more than just a cheap piece of metal protruding from the back of your set? Well mister smarty pants it’s actually true and there is a whole segment on stuff the former TV producer and one time Master Control Operator who rambles on this shit talks about the current state of free tv. Check it out.


New Super Mario Land? What is it? Find out inside this episode or at least learn what THE RAT thinks of it. 


How important is nostalgia going to be to the success of the PS5? THE RAT has thoughts. 


Also don’t miss The Damn MANDALORIAN and the cute as fuck Baby Yoda! More thoughts on that inside. Plus Superstore what is it why is it what does it mean?

Retro Witch talks Horror Comedies~!

Rejoice bitches. The Retro Witch has returned to the interwebs to grace you all with another insightful episode of her show. In this episode she talks about what makes a horror comedy. She also tries to figure out which movies she likes that fit the category and which ones came awfully close. 

You can find all of her content along with some other great stuff right here in The Spiders Lair, Where Chaos Resides. As always stay cool.