Dark Web Dec 1- Official Video Games canon, ST:TNG S1 thoughts, Back to the Future Trilogy and more!


I talk about stuff, lots of stuff too much to probably remember it all.

I did tackle my thoughts on what an official Video Game Canon would entail.

I also take on Star Trek: The Next Generation season 1. From there the show is all over the place thanks to some off the wall comments by Elon Musk and some other stuff.

I recorded this on Friday BEFORE I learned about the passing of George H.W. Bush so those thoughts will have to wait until next episode.

I also talk about The Breakfast Club in which I get a little personal as the movie had tremendous personal meaning to me as a teen.

I also rummage through the Back to the Future Trilogy, which ones I liked, what I thought, do they hold up today?

No video this week. Probably not doing video anymore. Keeping this separate from YouTube.

Dark Web Podcast Black Friday Sales, Interview with a Vampire, Shenmue 3 update and more


In this episode I talk about the Nintendo Switch sales. I talk about PS4 a little bit.

I watched 3 old vampire movies recently, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Blade and Interview With A Vampire. I have thoughts on some of them.

I talked about Empire Records, the retro music store movie from the 90’s.

I also talked about some retro video game stuff, Shenmue 3 getting a kickstarter and of course the video game award shows springing up.

The Dark Web 43- revisting Batman film franchise, Halloween/horror video games, Ice-T arrested and more


In this exciting episode I rag on Ice-T getting arrested. Or at least I talk about how “gangsta” he is these days.

I take another look at the Batman film franchise for Halloween fun.

Are there any good Horror or Halloween themed video games? I try to find a few good ones.

I talk about the new Sabrina show on Netflix. I will be talking about it more next week.

I also ask the question, what would it have been like if 32X had been more successful? (Sorry RGT 85 I recorded this before I saw your video. I might have to respond to your take next week)

With some new information this week coming to light involving network infrastructure, connections, etc., I take another look at the future of Netflix as a streaming service and contemplate if they might be better off turning into a TV studio/Production studio and licensing their content out to others with the onslaught of competition coming their way.


I also lay out some of my Halloween plans so be sure to check back Wednesday night for something special. Stay cool. Thanks for listening, please share subscribe etc.


Once again the length it shows me is wrong, it’s just barely over 2 hours yet Podbean shows it at 3 and a half hours. not sure what is going on.

Dark web 42- Halloween movies? BIG Confession, plus a complete look at Bim Dizzle


*NOTE* This episode is NOT 4 hours long. I don’t know why Podbean is showing it that long it’s longer than normal, just under 3 hours to be fair, but it’s not as long as I am seeing maybe you all see the correct length. Don’t be turned off by that it’s a hearty episode.

Before there was The Spiders Lair there was Bim Dizzle. In this extra special, extra long episode I kind of bear my soul a little as I take a look back at the evolution of this website from a hobby site I began in high school devoted entirely to Gangsta Rap and Star Wars (yes it was a weird blended site) to a dedicated video game strategy guide site supplanted by YouTube and it’s Let’s Players. Then it turned into Bim-Dizzle, a website I had a vision for but no direction.

Find out the inspiration for the Bim Dizzle character, what the idea was, the goal, the downfall.

I reveal my confession to my audience. There’s actually two. A semi-serious but light hearted one up front then the real deal later on.

I also talk about favorite Halloween movies and specials. I also talk about the John Carpenter Halloween franchise and all that Michael Myers jazz.

It was a long weekend at work. I had to work Saturday and Sunday so if I sound a little off near the end please not I was really exhausted by that point in time and I had more work to do the next day.

This is unedited. I usually only edit it for time, to take out the long pauses or maybe a gaff here and there if I get tongue tied, as is often the case. Since the whole show is unscripted, well you get the idea.


I also talk about the death of Netflix. I am officially predicting it now. Find out why in this extra special episode of The Dark Web Podcast, brought to you by The Spiders Lair and hosted by THE RAT.

The Dark Web Podcast- Sept 1 2018- Revenge of the Sith, John McCain, esports, and more


I got through another episode talking about one of the infamous Star Wars prequels. This time I talked about Episode III Revenge of the Sith, probably the least controversial and easier of the trilogy to defend.

I give my thoughts on the passing of Senator John McCain, with a discussion on celebrity deaths versus cultural heroes. I dabble in the Aretha Franklin funeral, likey in a way to offend certain people.

I talked about Streets of Rage, the series and the upcoming Streets of Rage 4.

I also talk about esports and the shooting in Florida.

There is also a surprise topic that should be amusing to some listeners hopefully.


The Dark Web Podcast 36 Marvel Movies every single one


This is it a return to form. I have two big topics and a very special guest interview this week.

First up I finally dig in and discuss my thoughts on each and every single one of the Marvel movies I have seen and brush over the handful I haven’t seen.

I am not just discussing the Marvel Studios/Disney produced MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe (films) no sir you’re going to get more than that out of me. This episode I start at the begining with the first X-Men film and go through each and ever single Marvel movie I have seen with brief reasons on why I haven’t seen the ones I haven’t.

I explain why I didn’t start with Blade, mostly for 2 reasons 1, I have never seen any of them and 2, they’re more like vampire movies. (also I tend to skip the lesser known movies and Blade was fairly unknown at that time)

After I go through all of them I get into a deep look at my relationship with the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise and why those movies are so important to me.

Marvel movies I discuss (those featuring Marvel characters)

Blade Trilogy (verdict, never seen them burned on on Buffy at the time)

X-Men franchise (X-Men, X2, The Last Stand, First Class, Apocalypse, Days of Future Past)

Fantastic Four movies (original and Silver Surver, never seen the remake not interested)

Spider-Man trilogy (big fan defend each movie with most criticism thrown at 3)

Daredevil/Elekctra (I loved one hated the other)

Hulk/Incredible Hulk (seen one but not the other)

Punisher duo (possibly controversial opinion)

Ghost Rider movies (not a fan, not seen no interest)

Wolverine movies (seen 2 of the three, find out which ones and which one I despise the most)

Deadpool (haven’t seen, not because of lack of interest just not gotten around to it yet)

Iron Man Trilogy (I liked one, disliked one, thought one was a complete waste of time/money)

Captain America (I’m going to stir the fanboys but I really dislike this character so much)

Thor (Seen 2 of the three liked one disliked one no interest in the other one)

Blackpanther (no interest in seeing this read the graphic novel not a fan)

Ant Man films (no interest in seeing either of these don’t care for third tier characters)

Avengers (Loved the two our of three I have seen still waiting to see the 3rd)

Guardians of the Galaxy (loved these movies almost as much maybe more than recent Star Wars movies)

Amazing Spiderman/Homecomng (I’ve seen 4 of the 7 Spider-Man films, explain why I’ve had enough)


A Nightmare on Elm Street

It all started at a very young age. As a Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast I watched my first D&D fantasy inspired quest on film in the form of the Dream Warrios. This fantasy/horror movie about a group of teenagers fighting a powerful monster in a fantasy world using their super powers (Elfen Mage, Barbarian Fighter, Rogue Punk Rocker, acrobatic Psychic , sage-like mentor, muted monk, Bard and the craftsman) all trapped in the dungeon hoping to survive their life or death quest.

I then continue my show with a pre-recorded interview I did a few weeks ago with a film maker named Kyle Hester https://twitter.com/KyleDHester who discusses his new project, Preacher Six.


I end the show with a Week 4 recap/summary of the events on Big Brother 20. Spoilers, the hippie got sent packing.


This was a little longer than a typical episode. I hope this makes up for cancelling the Daily Show. Thanks for listening, please subscribe and I will be back next week.

Welcome to The Spiders Lair, where Chaos resides.


The Dark Web Daily Show- Wednesday July 4, 2018 INDEPENDENCE DAY


Enjoy, patriots. In this episode I return to a more traditional format. I am going to shorten the weekday episodes to around 45 minutes and give up on the boring FCC bullshit. I’m doing a podcast not a radio show so fuck it right?

Music topic is the band U2. I talk about how I discovered their music and what it means to me. Since it’s Independence Day I talked about a patriotic movie I remebered going to the theater with my parents to see. Michael Bay’s WWII blockbuster Pearl Harbor. The video game memories topic was Contra for the N.E.S. (En Ee Es not nes) I also rant about the younguns on the internet who called it the ness. I hate that it sounds so disgusting in my throat.

I also ditch the news format and get back to a strictly opinionated show. I do plan on tackling some political topics now that I am unchained. The political landscape in the U.S. is unhinged so I might as well take the muzzle off and join the crowd. Expect more angry rants than ever before. The show is called The Dark Web afterall, expect a seedier show from now on. Thanks for listening and those who are easiliy offended please fuck off and listen to NPR.

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Welcome to The Dark Web, Where Chaos resides.

The Dark Web Daily Show- Tuesday July 3- Jim Carrey in Sonic movie, FunkoPop cereal, R Rated Star Trek and more


Hello friends welcome to your Tuesday episode of The Dark Web Daily Show. This is going to be the LAST episode in the current format. Starting tomorrow I am mixing things up.

Topics today include Jim Carrey gunning for the role of Dr. Robotnick (Eggman) in te upcoming live-action Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

Quintin Tarintino is working on an R-rated Star Trek film with the current cast and timeline. Star Trek TNG is maybe making a return.

Also up for discussion is the Funko Pop cereal.

Music topic is the Columbia House CD club and how it lead me to discover Bryan Adams So Far So Good.

The movie memories for today is Bad Boys, the entry point for Michael Bay blockbusters.

Videogame memories were Super Mario 64.

This is the last episode in the current format. Starting tomorrow I will be introducing the all new format.

Be sure to check back tomorrow to hear what’s  changing. Here is a hint, I’m ditching the FFC restrictive radio format. Other changes are ensuing but THE RAT will be taking the leash off and getting back on track.

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The Dark Web Daily Show- Monday July 2, 2018: Topics include Lebron James, Netflix growing, talent scouts seeking esports and more


Alright everyone welcome to your Monday episode of The Dark Web Daily Show. Today’s exciting episode marks a first for the show. We now have a sponsor. Thanks you Yoga With Stacy for her contribution to the show.

This Monday episode contains musings on Lebron James heading to play for the Los Angeles Lakers. More Big Brother 20 analysis as well as taking a look at the future of Netflix and a major sports talent network branching into eSports.

Movie memories focus on a cult favorite, Invaders From Mars, the Canon Films remake of the sci-fi classic. Music topic is Butterfly by Mariah Carrey. And fo course today’s video game memories revolve around the arcade hit Q*Bert. All this and more in your Monday, July 2, 2018 episode of The Dark Web Daily Show. Enjoy.

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The Dark Web Podcast Episode 30- Newspaper reporters/editors discussing the Capital Gazette shooting


This is a single topic episode. Four newspaper reporters/editors discuss the recent shooting at the Capital Gazette newspaper in Maryland earlier in the week.

First up is your host, Richard A. Todd aka THE RAT. Previous news experience includes working in newsroom of  a TV station, staff writer for a local newspaper in Texas and currently news editor for an all digital local newspaper in northern Nevada.

Second journalist on the show and first guest is experienced newspaper writer/editor Dan Eakin. He’s worked in the newspaper industry for many decades.

Third speaker, second guest is Robert Perea, an editor of a digital newspaper in north western Nevada called The Fernley Reporter. He has over 20 years experience working for daily and community newspapers.

Finally the last guest is Austin Lewter, publisher and editor of three weekly newspapers in north central Texas.

There is just one topic for this episode, the shooting and violence in our country. Each individual offers their take on the incident, advice for journalists and some words to ponder.

It was a pleasure interviewing these three individuals. Combined experience between these four individuals is close to 70 years worth of news reporting.

Sponsors for this episode are Yoga with Stacy, The Spiders Lair and Jackpot Community News. For more information visit www.thespiderslair.com/podcast for info on current sponsors and how to become one yourself.