No more themed weeks on The Spiders Lair :(

I recently began experimenting with the idea of doing a theme week for my content keeping all videos in the same theme. This worked for a couple weeks with Christmas videos, Pet Week, and then it began to fizzle out as my creativity was stifled as I had to try to make videos fit into the theme. It quickly became daunting to come up with a central theme each week so that also became an issue.

The central videos I produce on the channel are 5 for 5 Likes/Dislikes and This or That. I used to try to do What’s Streaming pretty regularly but I have since ran out of ideas for that and it felt too much like work. I do intend to bring it back, but with a single focus each week, one channel, one video or one creator I want to show case, as I originally did it. Not this TV Guide crap I dabbled in the past few weeks. I couldn’t make it work within the context of the individual theme for each week which is a major contributing factor to why I put the series on temporary hiatus. I DO expect to get back to producing them THIS week. I have a specific creator in mind I want to show case. Be sure to check back often and please like, share and subscribe to any content you find I produce you enjoy. Stay Cool.

S2 E5 Choir memories, Nintendo perils, mobile Dr Mario, Coolio legacy and more!

What the hell are you doing watching that stupid football game? Huh? Why not get some actual entertainment with this week’s episode of The Dark Web Podcast right here on The Spiders Lair, Where CHAOS resides! Yes friends this is the episode where I talk about Groundhog Day, Nintendo making another damn mobile game, more NES woes, and I ask the question what the hell was Coolio? Was he gangsta rap, G-Funk, straight hip hop or something in between. More importantly what was his legacy and the role he played in spreading rap music to the white masses? Find out this AND MORE in this exciting episode right here, right now! Also choir memories to go with those band memories from last week. Yes sir the nerds have a new show to congregate to and I promise it gets better each week. Stay cool.