What is The Spiders Lair?

Welcome to The Spiders Lair. This is a blog devoted to organizing chaos. The reader is free to interpret that however he or she may wish.

The site is mostly a personal blog. It will cover those things that interest the site’s creator, as well as any friends, guess writers, and associates that he has on the site.

Topics covered, or discussed, include, but are not limited to; science, video games, science fiction, movies, comic books, D&D, trading cards, action figures, music, board games, religion, politics, life, relationships, people, the world, and just about anything else that needs to be sifted through among the chaos of this universe we occupy.

The site is much like the world where it was conceived. Imagine a dusty, dirty basement filled with video games, old computers, posters, action figures and other comic book and geek related culture and collectibles. The site is intended to capture the feeling of being inside the stereotypical “nerd lair.” The topics can range from light-hearted observations of different things of interest, to a deeper contemplation of the world we live in. There are no rules, no boundaries, and no limits, the site is intended to serve one purpose and one purpose only, To Organize Chaos.

The site belongs to Richard A. Todd, a writer and photographer with video editing experience.