The Retro Witch Show~ Traumatizing movies!

What’s up bitches. In this premier episode of The Retro Witch Show Stephani Bri dons her witches outfit and adopts a new persona as The Retro Witch! In this first episode she shares all the movies that traumatized her over the years.

This new, shorter format show will run here on The Spiders Lair, Where Chaos Resides, along side The Dark Web Podcast, for now. Eventually she will spin this off into her very own show in the future. For now enjoy. 


THE RAT’s top 100 most important games of all time! Introducing a new format and spin off!

This is a special single topic episode, mostly. THERAT starts things off with a run down of his list of the top 100 most important video games of all time as of 2019. 


Then towards the end of that he introduces a special guest/new segment that will be a spin off into its own show. Stephanie Bri will be leaving the Dark Web podcast behind for her own show, The Retro Witch Show, first episode this week! She will do a brief segment in this episode and kind of say her good bye to the main show. 


Then the premiere episode of The Retro Witch Show will be online shortly after. Stay Cool.