Changing social media habits moving forward

In the interest of keeping my sanity I have deleted my Facebook account. I will maintain The Spiders Lair Facebook page for those who are interested in keeping up with what I have to say. I deleted my personal account and will be sharing less stuff on social media.

I created this blog originally as a place for me to vent, to process my thoughts and generally be myself. I know it’s going to take more work to find an audience without Facebook, but I am going to rise to the challenge. I would rather preserve my integrity and keep my content at a level that is personal and insightful than have to compromise my content to satisfy the whims of Facebook.

I will maintain my Twitter account as well but I will be making some changes to it as well. I don’t know if I will make everything private or not but I will be moving more towards a social media strategy that revolves around me interacting with people more than shooting off tweets about my latest video, article or podcast. This is all part of an on going effort to become a better person. For me, that means cutting myself off from the toxic people. I disabled comments on this website a long time ago. I am doing the same on my YouTube channel as well. I decided that if someone really has something positive to say about my content the best thing the can do is share it to their respective social media platform of choice. I will be less accessible and therefore less likely to have the negative engagements that have pushed me away from these unhealthy platforms. Thanks for understanding and Stay cool.