Boobies and Noobies podcast impressions

Alright just like the Frigay the 13th show I held off on talking about this one for several reasons. I wasn’t sure how to tread into this without it looking, creepy. Listening to this podcast made me feel like being an 11 year old listening in through a hidden microphone to his sister’s friends during one of their sleep overs. Not that I ever did that but you know stuff you see on TV (Goldbergs) but whatever I checked it out so here we go.

The show’s premise is simple enough, it’s a group of people talking about romance novels. The hosts are clearly having a good time in the episodes and it sounds like they know the topic they are interested in.

I didn’t spend a lot of time listening intently to each episode for this review. I have been a follower of the show on Twitter for a while now but was too afraid to peak in to this world. As someone who did, on rare occasions “borrow” romance novels without asking out of curiosity I can say the hosts here have a much better grasp of the subject than I. My interest was more out of curiosity than anything. Of course my desire to be more feminine clearly intrigued me which is why I do highly recommend this show if you are interested in getting a closer look into the insights of women who do read romance novels.

Truth be told I am likely to go back and give this a much deeper shot in the near future but for now I just wanted to pop in and see what it was all about. I don’t think it is going to appeal to everyone. My own curiosity will not match most people. I don’t know who I should recommend this to, to be honest. I want to say trans women who are interested in learning more about how to explore femininity might be interested as an educational tool, or even peer bonding if you want to discuss these topics with other women, trans or otherwise.

I suppose the core audiences is likely women and possibly men who enjoy reading these types of novels. I can say I’ve dabbled but never really spent much time beyond that. I would say the hosts are having fun with the show so that is a bonus. I didn’t hear anything that made me say nope this is trash. It was a group of people with a mission and it sounds like the show has a pretty solid focus. It kind of reminds me of that Hanna Montana song Fly on the Wall. I would rate it as entertaining with a clear focus and a fairly specific audience range. Production values are strong, the hosts are into the material and clearly having fun doing the show. That all the way around should make it entertaining for someone who is into the subject matter, in this case romance novels apparently.

Less mature male listeners will likely be drawn to the name of the show if nothing else.