Changes are brewing: a new direction for the site

I have been struggling for some time how to make this site stand out above the rest. Finally I realize after years of working in the media and entertainment business there was a void I could fill. I have updated the About Us page to reflect that new direction.

Starting now I am in the process of transforming this site into a full blown media coverage site that focuses on provide the same level of critique, coverage, reviews, and respect of digital content creators that traditional media such as film and television currently enjoys.

Our society is in the midst of a digital revolution. The mainstream media is struggling with how to handle that transition. I want to provide a platform that will bring the same level of respect to digital content creation that Hollywood gets from the mainstream media. The goal is to really make sure that content creators are treated the way they deserve. By providing an independent platform with a journalistic approach, I hope to provide a 3rd party perspective that, hopefully, will provide unbiased and unfiltered views into the world of Digital content creation. I want this site to become a sort of Entertainment Tonight or TV Guide type publication whose focus is on the new digital platforms, with a strong focus on the Hollywood of digital, Youtube.

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