Records vs. CD’s: Music Collecting

I happen to be one of those people that falls in the middle of the technological curve. I am too young to really have major fond memories of vinyl, my dad had a record player when I was a kid, I played with it from time to time, but to be honest most of my early days of music listening were done via cassette tape not record. I also happen to be just about too old to fully embrace digital. I do have an iPod, I download tons of music to it, but I can’t seem to bring myself to get into streaming. I do have Pandora, Spotify, and even Amazon Prime music. I just never cared for being tethered to a service that has so many restrictions, including the advertisements and being at the mercy of an algorithm to determine my musical preferences. So I am just old enough to fully embrace the reality of owning a physical medium rather than being entirely digital. That is why I also have over 500 movies on DVD yet I only have about 30 or so digital movie purchases.